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Vintage 60s Psychedelic Hippy Bohemian Black Velvet Mini Dress

From my personal Collection: Vintage 60's psychedelic hippy bohemian black velvet mini dress. A psychedelic pattern that is a mix between tribal ornamentation and pop art in an accordion pleat on the sleeves, bottom and even in the loops down the front for the super cute heart shaped buttons. There is a zipper in the back. Loops for small belt. Empire waist black velvet top and black velvet cuffs ending on the long sleeves which have a wide Lolita style dramatic flare. The label says Rae Hepburn for One Flight Up made in California.
Bust: 32 inches
Waist: 26 inches
Hip: 44 inches
From shoulder to hem: 30 inches
X-small to small

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