Maya's Ideas

Misty Morning Flowers Mixed Media Bracelet by Maya's Ideas

I create these cool limited-edition compressed bracelets using organic and natural components such as recycled compressed heavy cardboard paper, recycled lace, cotton appliques, organic cotton and muslin for inner lining. I paint the bracelets using non-toxic paints. I use non-toxic glue ( I never use toxic glues which are chemical laden). These bracelets are very strong and super sturdy, yet I would not recommend immersing water getting them wet. Fits Small to Medium wrists 9 in.  x 1.75 inches 

Maya's Ideas provides environmentally sustainable, fashionable accessories and clothing. This shop is run by me, Maya! I'm a 16 year old CEO, designer and activist and I founded Maya's Ideas in 2008. 10-20% of the profits I make go to local and global charities and organizations I am passionate about. Learn more about me on "About Maya" and more about my products on "Why Sustainable?". Thank you for stopping by! -Maya