Maya's Ideas

Ivory Mist Mesh Beaded Necklace

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A unique confection of a necklace! Dark ivory mesh with mini ivory beaded glass and silver glass beads accents. Metallic silver embroidery makes it even more special.Necklace measures 5 x 7 at it's widest point.  Adjustable organza ribbon ties measure 17 inches

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Founded in 2008, Maya's Ideas is an award-winning slow fashion brand creating sustainable, artisan crafted, accessories and clothing made from organic, recycled, and vintage materials. Founder and CEO, environmental activist, artist, eco-designer and 3 time TED Speaker Maya Penn founded the brand at just 8 years old from a passion for art and design and a drive to tackle the negative impact the fashion industry has on the environment. Now at 20 years old, Maya and her eco-friendly designs have been featured in Forbes, NYLON, Marie Claire, Business Insider, Grist, Sustainable Living Guide, Wired, TIME, O Magazine, and more. Maya's Ideas is always experimenting and on the cutting edge of sustainability, even utilizing innovative sustainable practices and technologies such as biofabrication.