Maya's Ideas

"why sustainable?"

The fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world, producing 1.2 billion tons of CO2 per year. When I started Maya's Ideas in 2008, I starte at a time when sustainable fashion was no where near a mainstream conversation, yet I wanted to make that the foundation of my work because I understood how crucial it was to focus on eco-friendly, artisan made, long lasting clothing.
As founder and CEO of Maya's Ideas, I am designing eco-conciously and biomimetically. I am an advocate for recycling and reusing materials, and I always use old, vintage fabrics, remnant fabrics that would otherwise be thrown away, or organic and bio-based materials. 

The fashion industry among many others, MUST shift into a more sustainable and conscious direction, and Maya’s Ideas has been ahead of the curve as one of the pioneers of this eco-chic shift, using organic and more sustainable high quality materials in our line since the start.
Please check back daily as I am adding new designs. I adore nature, and I use this as constant inspiration. All items are one of a kind, artisan handcrafted from the finest materials.


Thank you for supporting a small, black-woman owned sustainable business, and for  choosing a greener future. :)



Maya's Ideas is an award-winning slow fashion brand creating eco-friendly, artisan crafted, accessories, clothing, and art made from organic, recycled, and vintage materials. Now 21 year old environmental activist, artist, and 3 time TED speaker Maya Penn founded the brand at just 8 years old from a passion for art and design and a drive to tackle "fast-fashion" and it's effects on the environment.