Maya's Ideas

"why sustainable?"

As founder and CEO of Maya's Ideas, I am an environmentalist first, which for me means that I am doing everything that I can as an individual to make the planet livable for both people and animals alike. I am an advocate for recycling and reusing materials that will not put an additional strain on our environment by stripping the earth of it's natural resources. I do not use new wool, leather, silk, coral, etc. in my designs. If I come across a piece of 1940's vintage wool, silk, etc, fabric, I will use it and turn it into a brand new creation.
I always use old, vintage fabrics or organic bio-based materials like cotton. 
 I use 100% organic cotton, hemp, and bamboo, as well as recycled vintage materials in creating my clothing and accessories.
What makes us unique is the aesthetic of Maya's Ideas artisan designs are a hybrid between fashion-forward instinct with a classic vintage flare, not to mention that we're on the cutting edge, as we're working with creative and innovative technology, methods, and materials to further push the envelope on the sustainability of our products. I also do consultation for major fashion brands on how to shift into/incorporate eco-friendly fashion and sustainable company practices.

The fashion industry among many others are shifting into a more sustainable and conscious direction, and Maya’s Ideas has been ahead of the curve as one of the pioneers of this eco-chic shift, using organic and more sustainable high quality materials in our line since the start.
Please check back daily as I am adding new designs. I adore nature, and I use this as constant inspiration. All items are one of a kind, artisan handcrafted from the finest materials.


Thank you for choosing a greener future.


Maya's Ideas provides environmentally sustainable, fashionable accessories and clothing. My name is Maya Penn, I'm a 19 year old CEO, designer and activist and I founded Maya's Ideas in 2008. 10% of profits made go to local and global charities and environmental nonprofit organizations. Learn more about me on "About Maya" and more about my products on "Why Sustainable?". Thank you for stopping by! -Maya