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I'm so excited to announce that my book YOU GOT THIS! Unleash Your Awesomeness, Find Your Path, and Change Your World is now available!
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“If Maya S. Penn and her book You Got This! are any indication, the future belongs to girls and will happen happen because of them. Passionate, heartfelt, practical, true. A girl to girl inspiration. May the life force that is Maya S. Penn usher in a new day!” -Eve Ensler, playwright, founder of V-DAY and One Billion Rising
"Maya Penn is such an impressive young lady with so much ambition (and enough ideas to fill an entire room). That brain of hers is beautiful, that heart of hers is just as amazing, and I know she will use it to do incredible things. SHE has inspired ME, and I know she will inspire the world. This book is such a gift." -Nikki Reed, actress, writer, activist
I'm honored to call Maya a mentee. She embodies all the things that make me hopeful about her generation--now she's written an excellent book that's a great read for first-time and veteran entrepreneurs alike. I can't wait to see what she does next. -Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit
"...her success is a testament to her own creativity, passion, and fearlessness...traits that, Maya says, can be cultivated in all of us, too. YOU GOT THIS! offers a creative blueprint for young adults (and others seeking their way in the world), showing them the tools Maya herself used to build an authentic, exciting, and connected life for herself...and offering her readers ideas to help them do the same." -TeenReads
IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BUY THE BOOK IN BULK FOR EVENTS, GIVEAWAYS, ETC: Place an order directly with Barnes & Noble, Books A Million, or CEO Reads. 



Maya's Ideas is an award-winning slow fashion brand creating eco-friendly, artisan crafted, accessories, clothing, and art made from organic, recycled, and vintage materials. Now 21 year old environmental activist, artist, and 3 time TED speaker Maya Penn founded the brand at just 8 years old from a passion for art and design and a drive to tackle "fast-fashion" and it's effects on the environment.