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Maya's Ideas 4 The Planet is a Nonprofit founded by Maya Penn that strives to embetter our planet and support, uplift and empower girls/youth and those in need around the world.


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In 2013 Maya launched a project where she designed and created eco-friendly reusable/rewashable sanitary pads for girls in countries in need.
Many girls that have access to education cannot go to school on their monthly cycle because they have no sanitary pads to wear and taking around 5 days a month out of school can lead to girls dropping out of school, -- many times education being their only chance at making a healthy and prosperous life for themselves.

 Watch Asunta from South Sudan tell her story about how so women and girls in her country are in need of sanitary products.

Since the project launch Maya's Ideas 4 The Planet has worked with Medshare and Youth Action Without Borders for pad distribution. Since then pad kits have been shipped to healthcare facilities in Haiti, Senegal, Cameroon, and Somalia.We are always striving to grow and continue this project and are in need of donations to continue to have means to afford to supplies and tools to produce the pad kits.

DONATE today to give women and girls the gift of basic needs.

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Check out Maya's feature in VICE about this initiative.


Maya dropping off sanitary pad kits to be shipped to healthcare facilities around the world.


Maya's Ideas provides environmentally sustainable, fashionable accessories and clothing. My name is Maya Penn, I'm a 18 year old CEO, designer and activist and I founded Maya's Ideas in 2008. 10% of profits made go to local and global charities and environmental nonprofit organizations. Learn more about me on "About Maya" and more about my products on "Why Sustainable?". Thank you for stopping by! -Maya