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Premiered as a concept during my 2013 TEDTalk, Asali and The Pollinators is a whimsical action-esque adventure series about Asali, a bee that lives in the land of Ethafauna a lush and mysterious forest brimming with a colorful civilization of creatures. Asali and her group of friends that's comprised of a hummingbird, bat, butterfly, moth, and kinkajou fight strange evil forces that threaten their way of life and their home.

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Maya's Ideas provides environmentally sustainable, fashionable accessories and clothing. My name is Maya Penn, I'm a 19 year old CEO, designer and activist and I founded Maya's Ideas in 2008. 10% of profits made go to local and global charities and environmental nonprofit organizations. Learn more about me on "About Maya" and more about my products on "Why Sustainable?". Thank you for stopping by! -Maya