Maya's Ideas

Be Kind To Yourself and Mother Earth - Eco-Friendly Original Art Stickers

Be kind to yourself and Mother Earth. A piece that was so cathartic for me to draw, and a reminder that we all need. This piece became a favorite when I shared it online, so now I’m making it available to purchase as both stickers and prints.

Sticker info: All stickers are made from 100% Post Consumer Content Paper, Recycle Compatible Adhesive, AND they are curbside recyclable! For sustainability purposes they are matte, and do not have a high-gloss finish.

Thank you! :) ☀️


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Maya's Ideas is an award-winning slow fashion brand creating eco-friendly, artisan crafted, accessories, clothing, and art made from organic, recycled, and vintage materials. Now 21 year old environmental activist, artist, and 3 time TED speaker Maya Penn founded the brand at just 8 years old from a passion for art and design and a drive to tackle "fast-fashion" and it's effects on the environment.