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Lucy and Sammy Save the Environment - Written and Illustrated by Maya S. Penn

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Lucy and Sammy Save the Environment - Written and Illustrated by Maya S. Penn

Ages 6 months and up

Taking new orders now! Books going out by June 2015.

$19.00 Paperback (Made with recycled paper!)




 Go on an adventure with Lucy and Sammy as they save the environment from the Pollution Monster!


❤~Welcome to my shop! Here you will find eco-friendly, environmentally sustainable, fashionable accessories and clothing! My name is Maya. I'm a 16 year old designer, animator, and philanthropist. I'm also into technology and I built my first website myself in HTML. I also have a non-profit organization called Maya's Ideas 4 The Planet. I use 100% organic cotton, hemp, and bamboo, as well as recycled vintage materials in creating my clothing and accessories. Please check back daily as I am adding new designs. I love nature and the environment, and I use this as constant inspiration. All items are one of a kind, artisan handcrafted from the finest materials. 10-20% of the profits I make go to local and global charities and organizations I am passionate about. ----- I am an environmentalist first, which for me means that I am doing everything that I can to make the planet livable for BOTH people and animals alike. No person or creature can live on a planet that is polluted and full of toxins and waste. I support recycling and reusing materials that will not put an additional strain on our environment by stripping the earth of it's natural resources. I do not use new leather or new wool in my designs. If I come across a piece of 1940's vintage wool fabric, I may use it and turn it into a new creation, but I would never buy a piece of new wool that has been cruelly sheared off a sheep. The same with silk. I always use old, vintage fabrics or organic and natural cottons. I see our planet and our animals as one in the same. They need to be protected from harm, treated humanely and respected.~❤